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The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. - Martin Luther King, Jr




We are an Accounting, Analytics, Audit, and Financial Analysis firm. How we do it is what makes us different among others. We keep it Simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. We love to do it in an innovative way, fun, and creative. We are passionate in numbers . We use charts, graphs, and software to speed up the process. We are the Simple Terms.


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Our project is to help you achieve your goals by understanding your process and transform them to things that matters the most. We have provided Accounting and Analysis services, Audit and Audit support, Consulting and Advisory, Transactional and Operational support. and Business Process Improvement. 


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We cater full range of services to Federal, State, and the private sector. We supported DOD in their Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Audit remediation. That includes the Department of the Navy Office of Financial Operations (FMO), Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), and USMC.  We also supported DHS ICE, NASA, World Bank, FDIC in their financial analysis. We supported Big 4 Accounting firms to execute their programs.


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Simple Terms expertise is in the field of Accounting, Financial Analysis, Audit and Audit support, and Analytics. We are rooted from the basic premise of simplifying the process using visuals, charts, and dashboards to make it easy to understand. Capitalizing on available software in the market to speed up the process and be creative.


Our mission is to deliver the most efficient and simplified version of accounting, financial, and analytics services to the Federal Government, State and Private Sectors. We believe that little things matter, especially in solving a complicated financial and accounting structure. We come in to provide the missing link that will solve the big puzzle by providing an easy to understand and matters the most on a day to day basis. Imagine a dashboard that summarizes the total expenditures and revenues for the day to help key decision makers and auditors quickly identify the gap and a way to check operational systems..


4031 University Drive, OFC 233, Suite 100

Fairfax VA 22030

Contact Information: 703-226-9781


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